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A person of any gender who has the potential to be attracted to both males and females. This does not mean that they are:

1) trying to attract attention

2) not-quite out of the closet as gay/lesbian

3) confused

4) about to be unfaithful in any way.

A bisexual person has the potential to be attracted to either gender. This doesn't mean that they will be incomplete without regular sex with both genders; it's more of a potential energy thing rather than kinetic. It's also an emotional/romantic thing, not just about sex.

Although some members of the gay/lesbian community look down upon bisexuals, it's just as real and valid as any other sexual orientation.
Abigail had a crush on Naomi for a while, but then got together with Aaron, where she is perfectly happy and on her way to falling in love. She is bisexual.
by the goddamn batman June 29, 2012
Acronym; face-down ass-up faggot.
Your father is quite the FDAUF.
by The Goddamn Batman April 29, 2008
All of the rude/foul/unpleasant things you have thought of saying, but kept to yourself in your mind.
Guy 1: That was really mean. Where would you get an idea like that about your mother?

Guy 2: I kept it stored away in my ass cloud for the perfect moment.
by The goddamn Batman November 15, 2013

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