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1 definition by the girls he raped @ school

a very gay individual who enjoys making everyone around him very annoyed, some have even considered suicide after speaking to him.. they have been known to offer condoms and free drinks to people in exchange for rides home and friendship. they are known to be seen in the locker room of the current sport they are playing crying in the corner because no one likes them. they generally parasitically attach themselves to anyone who makes eye contact with them. absolutly no one likes this cum gurgling, turtle sodomizing, cock gobbling, queef inhaling, twat waffling, used tampon eating, semen demon
boy 1: i think im going to go kill myself.

boy 2: why?

boy 1: cody triece just talked to me for two minutes straight.

boy 2: that douchefag
by the girls he raped @ school February 22, 2010