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take everything that can go along with making out and then minus the tounge. kissing alot in a heavy matter.
girl 1: how was the party last night?
girl 2: it was pretty good, i ended up macken with tom for awhile, so that was fun.
by the girl next door December 30, 2007
Cheeky, rebellious and has a fiery, short temper. Very convincing with her words and manages to win everyone ever with her sense of humour and charm.
Of course you managed to snag him, you're Ataliah!

Typical Ataliah, somehow always wriggles her way out of everything!

I can't believe you persuaded him to let us in, actually yes I can, your names Ataliah!
by ThE gIrL nExT dOoR June 30, 2014

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