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2 definitions by the girl from ipanema

n. (proper) The formal name for Gary, only when used as part of the phrase "Gary Grumpy-Pants;" can also be used as a substitute for the entire phrase altogether (refer to Gary Grumpy-Pants for definition).
Example 1. Q: Why was Anja such a Garold Grumpy Pants at the bowling alley on Saturday night?

A: She was mad that she had to bowl with her goofy family and not get to hang out with her cooler-than-cool friends and the cooler-than-cool putt-putt golf.

Example 2. "Garold, if you don't lose that attitude by the time supper starts, you're GROUNDED!"
by the girl from ipanema April 30, 2009
n. 1. one who may easily become grouchy or grumpy, even if it is not that often; 2. one who is always grouchy or grumpy.
Anja was being such a Gary Grumpy-Pants because she got annoyed when Adrianna and Alanna wanted to slappa da bass for the picture.
by the girl from ipanema April 29, 2009