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4 definitions by the gentleman thief

something that can not and will not ever happen.
Stacy: hey, how likely do you think it is for me to lose weight?
Tom: as likely as a Chuck Norris fail!
(Chuck Norris appears from the shadows, Roundhouse kicks Stacy in the face, and gives Tom a high-five)
by the gentleman thief January 17, 2010
an amazing indie pop/rock band from england. They have the ability to write songs about both sorrow and joy, something not often found in most of today's music. weither it be "Everything goes dark" or "Worst Case Scenerio" they know how to ensare the senses to make you feel the emotion in each beat. they hardly get the talent they deserve. if anyone is interested in underground alternative rock with pop and electronic influences, then listen to The Hoosiers!
person 1:"Hey what song is that? it sounds so catchy!"

person 2:"its Choices by The Hoosiers!"
by The Gentleman Thief November 29, 2010
a website that has been rigged to send a virus into your computer just by entering it. these usually are fake pornography sites. older computers, with little to no virus protection, are the most vulnerable.
Tim: hey, dude, why is your computer so slow?

Jake: yeah, i got internet booby-trap..
by the gentleman thief February 04, 2010
slang for penis, most commonly used in the 1920's
Frank: my Chicago salami is huge!
Claude:....no, its not....
by the gentleman thief January 23, 2010