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Any male or female who is skinny as fuck, looks weak, and has minimal muscle mass. It would be very easy to kick the fuck out of a scrawn dog. People fitting this description are sweet to pay out and they cant do shit about it. If you ever drive past someone who is skinny as fuck, yell scrawn dog out the window and they will get pissed off.
Angus is a total scrawn dog, and the funniest bit is he pumps weights flat out. What a faggot looser.

I can't believe how skinny and weak Angus is, he looks like a complete scrawn dog. If Angus had a box it would be flogged out.

If you were trying to pop one on Nixon's midriff it would be easy to miss because he is such a scrawn dog.
#skinny #weak #gay #dweeb #scrawne dog #scrawn dawg
by the gayzelle May 29, 2009
This may be possibly the best way to break up with a girl if you are sick of your relationship. Message the chic and get her to stand on an exposed street corner (not near any trees or posts that may get in the way). Organize a friend to drive past her while you hang out the back window of the vehicle and yell 'YOUR DUMPED HOE'. As she looks up, throw a full 2 liter bottle of Coke at her face hard, so it hits her and drops her to the foot path. Then get your friend to spin the wheels and speed off... Another option is to throw the bottle of Coke at her box; this has the advantage of leaving her with a mung hole.
Pete: I hate going out with Gemma-Rae she is a complete skank.
Trent: Why don't you have a divine break up with the cunt of a thing.

After our divine breakup, Sonique couldn't find a new boyfriend because of her obscene mung hole. What a stupid bitch!
#the divine breakup #perfect breakup #breakup #monyang #box #cunt
by the gayzelle September 03, 2009
The act of kissing someone hard in a public place. Its like a french kiss, but way harder, like you don't draw breath and ram your tongue down the chics throat hard. It attracts the attention of other people passing by.
Wow, Tristan is macking the fuck out of that ugly chic, she is totally grose.

Nixon is a skinny faggot, he always macks other dudes, and lets them finger his arse.
Did you see James macking on at the club last night.
#making #macked #mackon #mackeing #mayking
by the gayzelle May 27, 2009
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