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An ok skateboarder that makes all his money off his Tv show instead of skateboarding. Funny show but too many people overrate him.
Bam margera is a sellout.
by the fonz January 28, 2005
phrase used to decribe something overly incredible

syn: awesome, cool, wicked
Did you see him do that jump? It was totally sick bird
by the fonz April 06, 2005
phrase short for sick narly, must be said in a weird voice, best done by the strausman
Like totally sick nar man like yeah dude
by the fonz April 06, 2005
the term snubber refers to one who has ditched his mates in return for something or someone else, usually blondes.
Tim went and fuckin snubbed us again. what a snubber..
by the fonz May 12, 2004
A channel that has urban songs. SHO
I watch B.E.T
by THE FONZ May 27, 2003
The act of crapping on a womans vagina after she passes out, and leaving it for her to discover in the morning, but not before photographing it.
Man i gave that bitch a rotten dirty person.
by The Fonz December 28, 2004
a woman who smokes to such an intense degree that her breath reeks of smoke
nicole, stop breathing in my face you dragon lady
by The Fonz October 22, 2004

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