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a deep, no homo heart-to-heart conversation between two straight men discussing a specific honey, beezy, or tool lover.
ayy nigga, we need to have a man twalk.

hey bro, you have a minute? i think we need to have a man twalk
#tool #dick #no homo #awesome #baby cheetah #gazelle
by the flyin hawaiian November 12, 2009
When someone pretends to be stranded in a country and asks random people for money.
Jon- Hey, this guy just emailed me and said he was stranded in Spain. He asked me to wire him 900.00 dollars.

Steve- Come on man, you just got Barry Syked!!!!
#scam #rip-off #irish cock #irish jackhammer #aiden
by The Flyin Hawaiian July 06, 2012
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