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4 definitions by the fister

When a male or female inserts their fist in the partners stinkhole with a mighty thrust!
"You better watch out because i will suprise you with the German Battering Ram!"
by The Fister October 04, 2004
When a man or woman puts two fingers in the womens vagina and two fingers in the womans stink hole.
Woman - "Hey, I have a big vagina and a big stink hole and I want then both penetrated at the same time."

Man - "Get ready for the German Stingray."
by The Fister September 27, 2004
1. A stupid bitch
2. term of endearment
Man, you a hoebagbitchmothafucka!
by the fister September 20, 2003
peace, love, and weeeeed
I believe in the hippie philosophy.
by the fister September 21, 2003