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the underbelly of a catfish used to clean fecal matter off of other male catfish during mating season
In a science video, i saw a catfish to use its bowman on another male catfish's retum
by the fantastic minister February 01, 2010
perhaps the strongest person in the entourage as well as the meanest. ALthough he could use his physical strength to take advantage of his freinds he uses hurtful workds. his facial hair is admirable even thoug at times he cud be a huge asshole. hes afraid of bees. favorite sport ios squash
man that guy is such a bucky.
by the fantastic minister February 02, 2010
usually a irishmen who has irregulary small hands and in most cases, loves the W. Also he is to good at call of duty to have a normal social life. Also hates people from the lower tri state area specifically to scarsdale but yet lives in scarsdale
man hes such an dooley cock bag.
by the fantastic minister February 01, 2010
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