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The better half of the U.S. with breathtaking natural beauty, people who speak coherently, and technological superiority, with better weather, more attractive people, and a higher I.Q. Compare to the backwards living in the past east coast
Everyone knows the west coast is better, thats why so many people move out here.
by The Elf December 18, 2005
A stuck up resident of the sewer known as England who lack any sense of humor and take themselves as seriously as the French when an American decides to make fun of them. usually caused by their lack of sunlight and tasteless, nauseating diet.
Fuck off if you cant take a joke, you miserable snaggletoothed limey bastard.
by The Elf December 18, 2005
The culturally confused and mentally challenged eastern half of the US, which is populated by stuck up rich New Englanders, inbred backwards Southern rednecks, Euro-Trash rejects, corrupt politics, outdated rivalry, and the largest concentration of fat assed Americans. Physically, culturally, technologically, and socially inferior to the mighty West Coast. Also home to sewers like New York, Boston, Philidelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, and Charlston.
It would be good fortune for the United States if a massive tsunami came along and wiped out the entire East Coast, as the death toll would lower our obesity rates and make America smell better.
by The Elf December 18, 2005
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