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To drink coffee while smoking weed, preferable in blunt form.
Maaaaaan, I woke up this morning and totally had myself a Hippy Speedball.... yeaaaah maaaaaann..
#hippy #weed #stoner #wake and bake #mary jane
by the duuuude June 18, 2012
A weekend where the only beverage allowed to be consumed is beer or some form of alcohol. Typically starts at around 7-8PM friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon, or night if you're liver can sustain more damage. Extra fun is its a 3 day weekend. Each person typically buys 2 30 racks or possibly 3 if its a 3 day weekend.
That marathon weekend kicked the shit out of my liver
#weekend #beer #drunk #wasted #alcohol
by THE DUUUUDE October 01, 2009
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