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The only state in the USA that's universally despised by both the South and the North!
"New Jersey: the Garden State! Yeah, right! If you're growing smokestacks!" -- George Carlin
by The Dude June 20, 2003
Fape is a combination of two words, fuck and rape. It means an extreme or severe form of rape.
I just got faped on that test.
by The Dude December 06, 2004
University of Southern California. By no means on the level of Stanford or Cal Tech in California, but well-known and respected in Southern California. Many of its students seemingly have trouble making the distinction between academic and athletic prestige.
I went to USC, but found out that on the East Coast, they think I'm from South Carolina.
by The Dude January 11, 2005
All of the bad things that can happen do, thus saying fuck for each thing until this becomes cluster fuck.
John: First I to school late, then got a detentionn for it, then got to detention late, and worst of all my dad didn't believe I got a detention.
Jane: Damn, you got Cluster Fucked
by The Dude February 27, 2005
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