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1) A last resort to excrete bodily waste in a desperate situation.
2) A great way to meet singles, as there are always phone numbers written inside the stalls of the public bathroom.
3) A fun but risky location to fuck.

fuck online dating and all that shit, a hot chick left her phone # in a public bathroom, we hooked up and fucked in that very stall.
#dating #toilet sex #romantic #excretion #hooked up #desperate
by the dip July 04, 2006
A magical connection of "coincidental" events that when you point out, makes you more intelligent than everyone else.
I was just thinking of the word synchronicity when I stumbled upon this definition.
#weird #coincidence #schizophrenic #drugs #special
by the dip April 30, 2007
An aura of self-importance and self-worth presented by artists who become swept up in their own head space.
"What's wrong with you? You HAVE TO make eye contact. It's the rule."
"No, I don't. See, I can paint this (and you can't), so shove it."
"Damn, you got quite the artist's attitude."
#ergotism #artistic licence #weird #genius #fantasy
by the dip May 05, 2007
An artist who is always sociologically clueless, and pretends(?) to act innocent, even when presented with the facts. Very eccentric. Often seen as dumb in the general public, but can create great peices of art.
"That guy that never talks streaked our school?"
"Yah, but he's not retarded - he's an artist."
"Ohhhhh, a ditzy artist?"
#psychotic #freedom #looney #idiot savant #artistic licence
by the dip April 30, 2007
A very strange individual who has fallen in love with the very strange drug DXM. Once the good effects have worn off, they often come crawling back to society, blaming the drug for their insanity.
Johnny the syruphead drank cough syrup, said "I'm messiah." His friends abandoned him. Some time later: "It was the NyQuill ... The Nyquill!!!!"
#wacko #nyquill #goof #messiah #psychotic
by the dip April 25, 2007
A series of coincidental events that may appear important. If you believe my other definition - then you ARE special. In a retarded sort of way.
"Sie...duh, wauk-uh. Woah, we're walking on a sidewalk!"
"And? And I was just thinking of that word. That's not synchronicity. I think the universe is trying to tell me something..."
"Dude you need to lay off the dissociatives."
#special k #dxm #moron #gullable #coincidence
by the dip May 16, 2007
A joke that has gone way too far as to appear totally not funny, but rather insulting instead. Very close to a sick sense of humor, except NO ONE laughs. Since the joke maker was only kidding, it's still considered humor ... just, retarded.
autistic-guy: "(enter unfunny joke here)"
normal-person: "What a retarded sense of humor"
#autistic #odd #funny guy #unorthodox #twit
by the dip May 06, 2007
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