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probably the best nationality you can have. You can tell a portuguese guy by

1. being surrounded by good looking portuguese women who usually have incredible asses
2. They have the best food
3. Well dressed and proud to show off whatever they have
4. usually on the winning end of a fight of any kind
5. probably making fun of you in portuguese
6. have never been taken over by another country
7. Can hold there own in any drinking contest
8. Are so good at makin love and fuckin that there are a whole list of sex moves named after them!
9. overall if he is portuguese guys want to be like him and girls want to be with him
10. great people that are friendly and will never screw another friend over always trying to help out someone less fortunate and fun people to be around
son "hey dad, whats the guy saying"
father "Nothing son, stop looking at the portuguese guys and maybe they will go away and where did your sister go? O no, she is with them call your mother!"
by the d0cter July 06, 2011
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