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derived from weblogger, s.o. who keeps a weblog, a diary on the internet.
You'll find plenty crappy bloggs on the net.
by The Crow January 24, 2004
Some one who runs naked across a sporting field during a sportevent. (also used for someone who runs around naked in public)
If it weren't for the streakers the soccergame was really boring.
by the crow February 05, 2004
short for weblogg, public diary on the net.
also: blogger
by the crow January 28, 2004
I am former unionville girl. I own the thongs, the shirts, and the jeans, though i am proud to say mine were only one size to small i date older men or younger but god forbid my age i have a 3.5 gpa my scars faded. Wanna call uville girls hoes yeah most of us our the rest of us only wish we were.
By the way, I am a virgin
by The Crow January 10, 2005
a carpenter from colchester who,s life revolves around windsurfing and the film point break.
he also has the worrying trait of making absurd statements about everyday things
putting a roof on is like making love to a beautiful woman
by the crow January 10, 2005

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