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3 definitions by the corse

a state in which an individual becomes after consuming large amounts of alcohol.
after drinking a full bottle of ouzo and a selection of super strength lagers the man became absolutely wika.
by the corse July 18, 2009
24 7
a person who has horse like features and is dumb. hence dorse.
person 1: did you pass your exams ?
person 2: no i failed

person 1: you fucking dorse !
by the corse July 21, 2009
13 1
a dicers license looks similar to a drivers license and must be produced upon the request of a 'dicer'. if a person cannot produce there dicers license then the 'dicer' will dice them.
the man could not produce his dicers license so was therefore diced because it is a dice or be diced world out there.
by the corse July 20, 2009
14 5