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The span of 28 days, any of which, 5-7 could be the worst of a mans life. During these days, woman cramp, ache, and bitch. The combination of these makes for one fussy little lady which in many cases may lead to a breakup if an excessive ammount of time is spent with the periodee.
"Wow, Katie looks good today"
"U'r my fucking boyfriend Johnny!!! You like her more than me, I thought I meant something to you... You want her you can have her. You always talk about her I bet. Never talk about me to her I bet. Or to any of your friends. I bet you dont even think about me. *starts crying* I'm so sorry, i love you, never leave me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. *Starts crying again*"
"Wow, I wish I had a menstrual cycle just like you!"
by the coolest kid EVERRR November 10, 2005
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