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a teenage girl who gets pregnant in highschool, usuall at age 16
Dude: your mom is only 32, my mom is 45 and we're the same age

Chick: that's because she's a prom mom, i'm the result of 2 beers and the backseat of a car with no protection
by the commissar June 23, 2009
1. The property of getting to the point or being sensible, without extra complication or added bullshit to delay or hinder things. Summed up by the phrase, "no fucking around."
"Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort was a very slatonic fight - KO'd in the first round!"

"That game developer released a very slatonic game - no bugs, stable as hell, fun and well made all around!"
by The Commissar March 20, 2014
the way straight men pronounce acronyms used on the internet, lol = luhl, stfu = stuffoo, etc. only girls pronounce the letters
dude 1: L O L man, i saw this movie-

dude 2: wat r u gay or something? it's pronounced "luhl", noob, learn internet pronounciation
by the commissar June 22, 2009
a stage on a war video game that has a hidden weapon that will make the level more convenient.

EG: on COD finest hour, the last level has a scoped G43, later in that level, you need to take out machine gun nests that are far away. using the G43 makes it easier
Guy 1: dude i cant beat that one call of duty stage, it sucks

Guy 2: that's because it is a secret gun level, you need to find the sniper rifle behind the car
by the commissar June 22, 2009

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