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4 definitions by the cleaner

Saying what's up to a friend or aquaintance
Oh, there's a party tonight? Whatuptho?
by the cleaner March 25, 2006
A woman with a fantastic ass, particularly chef Rachael Ray on the food network 30min meals
Damn!!! That girl got a donkey chef on her!!
by The Cleaner March 25, 2006
gL - Gucci Linens; Extreme pwntage to you. To be respected to the fullest at all times.
The duke's got skills with them bally's on and boxcutta'd our crib to pieces, I shoulda know Gucci Linens was in da hizouse.
by The Cleaner October 06, 2003
the greatest come back ever
guy 1 -he said "tell it to the one-legged man, so he can bump it down the road!"

guy 2 -he is the man!
by the cleaner April 17, 2006