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To call the rights to anything in any given situation. wuuuurrrpp can also be used to the same effect. Anyone disobeying the shotgun rules swiftly becomes the recipient of a dead leg
1. Shotgun place on the bed.
2. Shotgun biggest slag in the club 2nite. Not 'biggest'!!
3. Shotgun not sitting next to Frenchy!
4. Shotgun being first to rape harding
by The Circle April 11, 2005
The art of terrorising a woman's face with one's boomhound. This often involves chat such as "now I'm going to skull fuck you"
See also throat-gagger
1. I can't wait to brutalise that girl's face with my megahog
2. I bet that filthy slut would love a brutal blowjob from Harding
by The Circle April 06, 2005
The act of mutilating somebody using the following system of humiliation.
1. Dragging somebody to the street by their nostrils.
2. Brutalise the persons face with your fists/feet/forehead.
3. Shit on their battered body.
4. Wipe your arse on their hair.
5. Piss in their eyes.
6. Insert foreign object into rectum (object should be hefty in the girth department).
7. Casually leave the scene.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Alan giving Frenchy another Pompet Steamer. Something about a watch or something.
Guy 2: yeah, Alan is one brutal son of a bitch.
Guy 1: anal baby.
Guy 2: yea... anal.
by The Circle April 06, 2005
One of the greatest days in history. The day the boomhound was created. Falls on the 6th of April every year.
People take out their boomhounds and brutalise their women with them.
1. Guy 1: What are you doing for boomhound day this year?
Guy 2: Same as every year, I will brutalise my woman with it!

2. Girl 1: Wot did Charlie get you for boomhound day this year?
Girl 2: A broken throat and some very sore orifices.
by The Circle April 07, 2005
see Pompey Steamer for method
Guy 1: That was a text book Portsmouth Steamer, please don't give me another thrashing!
Guy 2: Shut up and get what is coming to you
Guy 1: Nooooooooo......aaaaagh (fade to death)
by The Circle April 06, 2005
A quicker way of calling shotgun. Calling shotgun can be applied to any given situation.
1. Wuuuurrrpp not doing the tea run!
2. Guy 1: Shotgun that girl's mouth
Guy 2: Wuurrrrppp arse!
3. Wuuuurrrpp Chairman for the impending drinking festivities.
by The Circle April 11, 2005
The greatest free porn site in existence.
Guy 1: Have you been on the "brutal" section on catlist?
Guy 2: Hell yea bitch, we gots to get paid.
Guy 1: don't you think that they should get a Pompey Steamer section?!?
Guy 2: That would be hella sweet, now bend over i have a shit brewing.
by The Circle April 06, 2005

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