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okay, all you fucking white trash and fuckin niggers man, you can just bit me. opeth is a fuckin awesome band, no doubt.

those fukin bands like blink 182 and slipnuts, they arent all that damn good, thay actually ARE REALLY FUCKING ANOYING! SO STFU POSERS!
opeth, bloodbath, katatonia, dark army, in flames.... ALL gods
by THE chester November 14, 2004
a person whos physical attributes can not be seen while they wear clothes.
she looked hot in that mini skirt, but one that was off she looked like a total zoger
by the chester June 08, 2004
relating to a 3 sum quick fling.
i met ammy at the party. was a good time. it got even better when her sister came in and then we had a 3 diz
by the chester June 10, 2004
the king of falls
that guy fell again trying to kick the sack
by the chester June 10, 2004

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