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Weed that has be tenderized in one's pocket by simpley walking about and carrying on with daily tasks. It has a fine grain and is used to pack monster shrek bowls.
"Damn, that's walk-around weed from all week! Shrek time!"
by the chene August 29, 2006
1. A hair located on the grundle/taint/chode.
2. A derogatory term describing someone as unintelligent and/or lacking in hygene.
1. My girlfriend is happy now that I've shaved all of my grundle sprouts.
2. "Don't put your mouth on the carton you grundle sprout!"
by the chene August 25, 2006
A large green nasty bowl of marajuana. It is so well packed with walk-around weed that it smokes forever. It has many layers of smoking, just like Shrek and onion have many layers.

"Buddha! You just packed a shrek!!!"
by the chene August 29, 2006

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