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Rex Smith (born September 19, 1955, Jacksonville, Florida) is an American actor and singer. Smith debuted in the Broadway play Grease in 1978. He is noted for his role as Jesse Mach in the 1985 television series Street Hawk, as well as being a singer and stage actor. During the late 1970s, Smith was popular as a teen idol. Because of his good looks, he was featured regularly in 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat. He also had a gold Top 10 single, "You Take My Breath Away," in 1979.
Rex Smith is best known for his role in the short-running 1985 television series Street Hawk: The show itself is about a police officer and former amateur dirt-bike racer named Jesse Mach (Rex Smith) who is secretly chosen to test a top-secret project—an all-terrain attack motorcycle capable of speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour. Backing the motorcycle was a computerized command system that allowed its operator to provide the motorcycle's rider with real-time information from various sources, and even operate the motorcycle on "autopilot" during its high-speed runs, achieved through a process called "hyperthrust".
Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto) was the designer of the motorcycle. An engineer previously employed with the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration of the Department of Justice and subsequently with one of its successor agencies (exactly which one was never specified in the stories) who reported to a certain Mr. Kirby, who never appeared in the stories, Tuttle was initially reluctant to choose Mach to test the motorcycle. But once he had, he was able to convince Mach to commit to the program for life.
Mach began to lead a double life, a police public relations officer by day, and crime-fighter by night. Street Hawk (actually "The Street Hawk") was regarded as a lawless vigilante, and hence a fugitive from justice, by the police.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rex_Smith
by The Centurion January 10, 2013
Victor Jory (November 23, 1902 – February 12, 1982) was an American actor of stage, film, and television.
Born in Dawson City, Yukon, of American parents, he was the boxing and wrestling champion of the United States Coast Guard during his military service, and he kept his burly physique. He toured with theater troupes and appeared on Broadway, before making his Hollywood debut in 1930. He initially played romantic leads, but later was mostly cast as the villain, likely due to his distinctive seemingly coal-black eyes that might be perceived as 'threatening'. He made over 150 films and dozens of TV episodes, as well as writing two plays. His long career in radio included starring in the series Dangerously Yours.
He is remembered for his roles as malevolent Injun Joe in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938), Jonas Wilkerson, the brutal and opportunistic overseer, in Gone with the Wind and as Lamont Cranston, aka 'The Shadow', in the 1940 serial film The Shadow. He also portrayed Oberon in Max Reinhardt's 1935 film adaptation of Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream.
From 1959 to 1961, he appeared with Patrick McVey in the 78-episode syndicated television police drama, Manhunt. Jory played the lead role of Detective Lieutenant Howard Finucane. McVey was cast as police reporter Ben Andrews.
Victor Jory (Lamont Cranston) starred in The Shadow, a 15-chapter movie serial produced by Columbia Pictures and premiered in theaters in 1940. The serial's villain, The Black Tiger, is a criminal mastermind who sabotages rail lines and factories across the United States. Lamont Cranston must become his shadowy alter ego in order to unmask the criminal and halt his fiendish crime spree. As the Shadow, Jory wears an all black suit and cape as well as a black bandana that helps conceal his facial features.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Jory
by The Centurion December 31, 2012
The YouTube Versus Video is an online video-debate on YouTube whereby the host of the video will discuss a hypothetical fight involving some of the better known fictional protagonists from the media of films, television, graphic novels, and video games to decide the likely winner. The host of the video will aim to present the argument for both opposing protagonists in a fair and impartial manner; this process is achieved by highlighting all the relevant strengths and weaknesses (if any) of the opposing protagonists, as well as all relevant background and historical information relevant to the debate; after all the facts have been addressed, the host will then draw a conclusion as to who -- in their opinion -- would win the hypothetical fight based on all the relevant evidence. The YouTube Versus Video is not a one-way process, and the host will usually invite the (unbiased) opinions of viewers in the comments section of YouTube to discuss the fight. Note: the key difference between this type of video and others on YouTube, is this: other videos, often non-contentious, can BECOME a flame war when some viewers disagree with something or someone they've seen;the YouTube Versus Video is specifically for the purpose of sensible and unbiased comments about the fight being discussed. Furthermore, this video is not The Flame War Forum (theflamewarforum.friendhood.net), a forum that is entirely based around flame wars.
The following (below) are just a few examples -- with the actual comments of the hosts included -- of YouTube Versus Videos that can be found on YouTube:

1.Versus Series: Darth Malgus Vs. Sora Bulq
by Jensaarai1 aka The Nerd-Rage Ranter
My first Versus Video of my second year on YouTube; an ancient Sith Warrior and a more contemporary fallen Jedi, both great swordsman and powerful Forcewielders and Darksiders.

2.WHO WOULD WIN: Darth Vader or Darth Bane?
by yarealpoof aka Matt's Corner
Be fair and unbiased. This is not a "favorite" contest this is about skill.

3.Versus Series: Dooku Vs Darth Malgus
by Jensaarai1 aka The Nerd-Rage Ranter
My return to my Versus series.

4.Who Would Win - Versus Series!
by Trevschan2
Goku vs. Superman - Who Would Win?
Superman vs. The Hulk - Who Would Really Win?
Batman vs. Wolverine - Who Would Really Win?
Captain America vs. Iron Man - Who Would Win?
by The Centurion December 01, 2012
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever is a 2002 American action film starring Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu. Liu (Sever) and Banderas (Ecks) play opposing secret agents who are supposedly enemies, but team up during the movie to fight a common enemy. The film was universally panned by critics, often listed among the worst movies ever made. In March 2007, the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes ranked the film #1 among "The Worst of the Worst" movie list, with 108 "rotten" reviews and no "fresh" ones. Financially, the film was also a box office failure, recouping just over $19.9 million of its $70 million budget.

Facts about Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002)

1. The role of Agent Sever was originally written to be played by a man. Wesley Snipes and Jet Li were originally said to star, then Vin Diesel and Sylvester Stallone.

2. The 2001 Game Boy Advance game "Ecks vs. Sever" was actually based on an early script draft for this film and not the other way around. The game's producers later made a sequel to that game that was based on the finished version of the movie.

3. Grossed less than 30% of its budget at the box-office making it one of the biggest box-office failures in film history.

4. Rotten Tomatoes list this film as #1 on their list of "The 100 Worst Reviewed Movies of All Time".

Source: IMDB.
Here is another fact about the film Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) in which it (erroneously) places the FBI (United States) in Canada:

1. Among the most obvious plot holes noted by critics of the film is the fact that the FBI - an organization intended to work within the United States - is somehow working in Vancouver, Canada, causing costly shootouts with other Americans.

2. Factual error: Why are the FBI investigating and following their case if it's in Canada? The FBI or any other law enforcement agency in the US has no jurisdiction in Canada.

Source: Wikipedia, www.moviemistakes.com.
by The Centurion November 22, 2012
Blade II is a 2002 American vampire superhero action film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Blade. It is the sequel of the first film and the second part of the Blade film series. It was written by David S. Goyer, who also wrote the previous film. Guillermo del Toro was signed in to direct, and Wesley Snipes returned as the lead character and producer.
The film follows the dhampir Blade in his continuing effort to protect humans from vampires.
Blade II (2002) Facts:

1.Donnie Yen, a martial arts star who plays a member of the Bloodpack (Snowman,) was also the film's fight choreographer.

2.David S. Goyer's original idea was to use Morbius as a primary villain, but Marvel decided they wanted to retain the rights to make an entirely separate franchise out of Morbius - i.e. a Morbius film, so the story was changed slightly and Jared Nomak was created to be used as the primary villain instead.

3.The phrase "a man without fear" is used in this film. This is another Marvel comic book reference, to Daredevil.

4.Pop icon Michael Jackson was originally going to have a cameo in the "House of Pain" sequence as a "Vampire Pimp" that Nyssa encounters as she searches the upstairs hall. Jackson had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts and the part was played by a Czech actor. The sequence was ultimately cut out entirely for pacing reasons.

5.During the fight with Nomak in the church part of the House of Pain, the stain glass wind is a replica of Dr. Strange's (another Marvel character who battles the occult) medallion, the magical Eye of Agamotto.

6.When Scud is introduced, he quips; "...The Dark Knight Returns." Goyer would go on to co-write with Nolan, the Batman Trilogy.

7.Wesley Snipes: (Sun Tzu) Snipes' quoting of Sun Tzu - "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer," follows references to the works of Sun Tzu in many other Snipes movies including Passenger 57, Rising Sun and The Art of War.
by The Centurion August 31, 2012
Airwolf is an American television series that ran from 1984 until 1987. The program centers on a high-tech military helicopter, code named Airwolf, and its crew as they undertake various missions, many involving espionage, with a Cold War theme.

The show was created by Donald P. Bellisario. The first three seasons star Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Alex Cord, and (from the second season onwards) Jean Bruce Scott. After the original series was cancelled, a fourth season, with an entirely new cast and on a much smaller budget, was filmed in Canada for the USA Network.
Airwolf (TV Series):
The full 50 second narration, as spoken by actor Lance LeGault, is as follows: "This briefing is from file A56-7W, classified top secret. Subject is Airwolf, a mach one plus attack helicopter, with the most advanced weapons systems in the air today. It has been hidden somewhere in the Western United States by it's test pilot, Stringfellow Hawke. Hawke has promised to return Airwolf only if we can find his brother, Sin Jin, an MIA in Vietnam. We suspect that Archangel, deputy director of the agency that built Airwolf is secretly helping Hawke in return for Hawke flying Airwolf on missions of National concern. Stringfellow Hawke is 34, a brilliant combat pilot, and a recluse since his brothers disappearance. His only friend is Dominic Santini, who's air service is the cover for their government work. With Hawke and Santini flying as a team at speeds rivaling the fastest jets, backed by unmatched firepower, Airwolf is too dangerous to be left in unenlightened hands. Finding it is your first priority. End of file."
by The Centurion August 02, 2012
The Incredible Hulk is a 2008 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character the Hulk. It is directed by Louis Leterrier and stars Edward Norton as Dr. Bruce Banner. It is the second film to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a film franchise and shared fictional universe that is the setting of superhero films produced independently by Marvel Studios, based on characters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics).
This film establishes a new backstory where Dr. Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk as an unwitting pawn in a military scheme to reinvigorate the supersoldier program through gamma radiation. On the run, he attempts to cure himself of the Hulk before he is captured by General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt), but his worst fears are realized when power-hungry soldier Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) becomes a similar but more bestial creature. Liv Tyler also stars as Betty Ross, Banner's love interest and General Ross' daughter.
The Incredible Hulk (2008):
Bruce Banner: (in poor Portuguese) Don't make me hungry. You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry.
Tough Guy Leader: (in Portuguese) What the hell is he talking about?

(During the fight between The Hulk and The Abomination)
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: (Referring to the machine gun on the helicopter) Use that thing, soldier. Give him some help!
Helicopter Soldier: Which one?
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: Help the green one, dammit! Which one do you think? Cut the other one in half!

Abomination: (Preparing to finish the Hulk off) Any last words?
The Incredible Hulk: Hulk... SMASH!
(The Hulk smashes the ground making a quake, causing the Abomination to get his foot stuck)

(After end credits)
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: (in a bar) Reload...
(finishes his drink)
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: Reload...
(someone enters the bar and walks to Gen. Ross)
Tony Stark: The smell of stale beer... and defeat. You know, I hate to say "I told you so," but that Super-Soldier project WAS put on ice for a reason. I've always felt that hardware was much more reliable.
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: Stark.
Tony Stark: General.
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: You always wear such nice suits.
Tony Stark: Touché. I hear you have an unusual problem.
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: You should talk!
Tony Stark: You should listen. What if I told you we were putting a team together?
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: Who's "we"?
by The Centurion June 15, 2012

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