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Term meaning one who is celibate for a period of time. More specifically, one who refrains from masturbation. From an episode of the television show "Seinfeld", where the main characters have a contest to see who can refrain the longest.
"I'm dating a totally hot chick!"
"But are you still master of your domain?"
"Nope, they were playing a Baywatch marathon all day yesterday."
by the brockman March 16, 2003
Buttons and other decorative accessories added to a work uniform, esp. at chain restaurants. Almost universally despised by restaurant workers and customers alike.
You know the Nazis had pieces of flair they made the Jews wear.
by the brockman March 16, 2003
Nickname for President Richard M. Nixon. Earned for his perceived role in the Watergate scandal.
Tricky Dick had a dog named Checkers.
by the brockman March 16, 2003
"Year 2000 Bug"

1) A software bug caused by the use of 2-digit numbers to represent the 20th century year. When the date became 2000, some software thought it was actually 1900 (or some other incorrect date).

2) A bunch of bullcrap made up by paranoid doom-saying wackos and the computer-ignorant media.
1) I have to fix the Y2K bug in this old Cobol program.

2) When the Y2K bug hits, planes are going to be dropping out of the sky!
by the brockman March 16, 2003
Adj. with -ed: drunk; intoxicated; wasted; blitzed
Man, you were so plowed last night!
by the brockman March 16, 2003

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