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A money-sucking organisation, hiding under the guise of being a charity in order to evade taxes. Owns three schools and charges extortionate tuition fees.
These schools are:

Whitgift School - the first and worst of the set. Just to give you an idea, they have a bird aviary and peacocks wandering in the grounds, enough said.

Trinity School of St John Whitgift - The Whitgift School's little brother, fortunately less prolific in arrogant rich bastards but they still dwell there occasionally, unfortunately much less well funded as all of the money is diverted to the above.

Old Palace School - A recent acquisition, formerly its inhabitants however notoriously ugly were quite sensible, however they have subsequently become more arrogant under the corrupting influence of the tyrannical Whitgift Foundation.

Note: St John Whitgift
Founder of the foundation, 'Saint' John was a miserly rich bastard of a priest who realised he was a total wanker on his deathbed and donated all his money to charity, conveniently just before it all became entirely useless to him.

Note II: In general under the christian church giving money to poor people is a sure ticket into heaven, whether this is a genuine act of kindness or a last ditch attempt to save ones pathetic soul.
"Oh, really corking to see you old chap, I went to Whitgift don't you know?"
by The bringer of truth February 23, 2005
(verb) A word to describe the sound of an otherwise normal, and boring piece of music, played in the rock/metal genre.
The east-enders theme tune, played by say, HIM or tenacious D
by the bringer of truth May 24, 2004
The armpit of scotland. Everyone is related.
A bit like glasgow, but smaller, and with more violent neds.
by the bringer of truth May 21, 2004
A pint sized, tracksuit clad creature with a fascination for arse. Commonly seen spouting swear word laden homosexual or incestuous innuendo, the Bevan will never fail to say the one thing that you least wanted to hear to keep your sanity. If you encounter one, keep your back to the wall or preferably shoot it on sight. An immature hormonally challenged runt. My brother.
"Bevan you butt pirate get your hands away from my arse!"

See also: arserapist, molestor, deviant
by The bringer of truth February 23, 2005

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