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a nickname for Secutary of State Condiliza Rice created by Dave Chapplle
Condilingus Rice sounds like a Mexican dish
by The Boys name is rasputin April 04, 2007
Those really annoying somewhat scary Sprite commercials that feature a series or random sprite related images and random freaky crap including Lebron James shootin a gaint tounge, sing roses,the word Lymon being reapeated over and over and other really disturbing things.

is literally spelled sublymona not sumbliminal
yo those sublymonal messages in the sprite commercials are freaky yo
by The Boys name is rasputin April 03, 2007
To lead your team to the NCCA championship as a Freshamn then leave school afterwards and have a sucsessfull NBA carerr ala Carmelo Anthony from Syracuse

Mayo is gonna Carmeloize at USC

Beasley is gonna Carmeloize at kansas State
by The Boys name is Rasputin March 28, 2007
lying to a woman to get her to perfom oral sex
can also be used as a step-up to a curse word and is a nickname to Condileizza rice
she performed condilingus
by The Boys name is rasputin April 04, 2007
the most annoying music there is its from DC and is really stupid..its like bad disco
man go-go sucks

of course it does its from DC
by the boys name is Rasputin April 14, 2007
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