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Though often forseen as inappropriate in an educational environment, a four legged shower monster is the act portrayed by two sets of legs in a single shower. though often thought of as somebody with excess limbs, a four legged shower monster is actually two separate human beings, sporking in the shower.
I thought that kid was a four legged shower monster, turns out he was pounding vag. I'm lovin this breakfast sausage.
by the big dipper February 20, 2009
Often believed to be mythological, this well preserved, room temperature vagina has been witnessed engaging in such acts as penile insertion. As to not confuse lukewarm tang with the orange drink, remember that said vagina belongs to a female and does not inhabit a foil pouch.
I'm snagging that lukewarm tang later if it's on the menu. Shamwow.
by the big dipper February 16, 2009
This sexual favor usually begins upon the sizzling pinky of a partner being inserted into and around the rectum. Using any other finger is Highly frowned upon. After this "pinky swirl" a flavor-ice brand Popsicle, preferably lime, is inserted into aforementioned rectum creating a state of relaxation after intercourse.
That firecrotch sure did satisfy me with that tantalizing ginger job last night. I cant believe its not butter.
by the big dipper February 15, 2009

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