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koppel is a small town in beaver county pa... theres a run down mill and plenty of bars for the dagos that the town is full of!!! you havent seen trash till you been here.. its also knowen for a bridge that conects to ellwood pa..... it has one of thee worst bridges in the state.. it floods atleast once year... but its atleast 90 feet if not more above water now tell me how that is possble? if you move there take out a big insurance for fire damage because things seem to brun down around town. snice you have to count on there fire deparment id atleast buy a good graden hose to put a fire out that be quicker then waiting for them!!!
bobby: why is big beaver fd here for this car crash!
mike: because koppel fd never showed up for 20 mins and they wanted the people to live!!!
by the big beav October 13, 2009
big beaver is a town in beaver county pa... it is pretty much quite its out in the country alot of small farms and more beaver then any were esle in this side of the state... no really there a new strip club (there was a rub and tub but it got busted) a adult book store with live girls, and last a swingers club all with in a .25 miles... the name fits well..
you going to that new titty bar out in big beaver tonite?
by the big beav October 13, 2009

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