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A hippie innovation evolved out of Kalamazoo, MI. Created when jazzy tones and funky beats drop, the danglers attempt a skanking motion. They may lift a leg, throw a kick, and shimmy, but expect it to be a delayed reaction. It is becomming the new dance phenomenon among the dangeling population!
"Look at that gypsy dangleskank!"
"Sunny is dangleskanking the night away!"
by the bee's knees February 04, 2010
A pre-breakfast gathering of classy gentlemen who unsheath their morning wood or Erections for a little masterbation party. Holding hands is optional. No Homo.
Man, I woke up this morning really lonely and just thought. "I could really use a morning-wood wack off party".
by The bee's knees July 09, 2013

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