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CBW is a national weekly holiday where friends gather to celebrate life with blunts. It is a time of fellowship, sharing, and caring that brings people together for a common purpose. It generally consists of blunts, food, community and sometimes wine or beer, in which case it may turn into CBBW (Casual Blunt Beer Wednesday) or CBWW (Casual Blunt Wine Wednesday). The main aspect is to stay casual in whatever you may be partaking in, in this case meaning happening by chance and fortuitous. Life often happens by chance, although you may have intention, and make plans, life is called life and not your plan as such we must realize that we are fortunate and should be appreciative of the fact that life has a plan and everything will flow according to it.
"Come celebrate, it's CBW." "Okay I'll grab the blunts."
by THE BEAR November 13, 2013
Thats a word that means good on the street "the bear" - Bo Selecta
Do you like my new trainers i fink there 'Boo-Shank'

See Also Shat-Pank
by The Bear August 24, 2004
when something is stupid, obvious, duh!, who cares...
Person One: Hey.
Person Two: I had ice cream for breakfast.
Person One: fokå!
by The Bear March 28, 2005
This word means good on the street "the bear"- Bo-Selecta
Do you like my trainers i think there 'Shat-Pank

See also Boo-Shank
by The Bear August 24, 2004
Another name for a mans "PENIS".
Suck my salty pole
by the bear July 14, 2003
Comes from the saying the dogs dangleys (meaning a dog being proud of his man parts) means better than good its 'the nuts'
o wow them trainers are 'the nuts'
by The Bear August 24, 2004
also know as wanchung and patakiong, means cock and balls
can i put my tallywhacker in youre ring piece?
by the bear February 20, 2004

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