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when a badass gets hammered drunk one evening party hops from house to house fucking at least five chicks each of different religious faith thus spreading his christian lovin among his community
i got so hammered last night i pulled a sneaky christian around town
by the baddest mutha fuka alive June 05, 2010
when you feel your about to cum while doing a chick from behind so you pull out when all of the sudden u start cumming all over her back and she unexpectedly drops the biggest deuce on ur lap thus mixing with your cum making it a mushy gross blob eventually making both of their nights one for the record books
last night i tried giving it to her from behind when everything went wrong i ended up with a dirty gibran
by the baddest mutha fuka alive June 05, 2010
when a drunken girl gives a guy the meanest blow then the guy cums in her mouth thus kissing at the end but then the guy realizes that the chick still has his cum in her mouth
we were both fucked up yesterday that i didnt realized she gave me a dirty maayan
by the baddest mutha fuka alive June 02, 2010

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