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Atlanta Hockey Mask Crew, also known as (the mickey mouse club) and have local gang meeting at there top secret treehouse located at bad boy bobby's (bitch boy bobby).
A bunch of fuck boys that go to shows and wont fight anyone one on one. They also think they are the best fighters because they jump people that dont have a chance of winning or when they least expect it. Also scum of the earth that consider them selves hardcore (not emo) because there "leader", "bad boy bobby" says so and has a tattoo that says "HARDCORE". They claim to run henry county but the only thing they might run is a train on themselves or a small mosh pit at a local show at a church with a bunch of 15 year old kids.
As quoted by AHMC leader before fight when called an emo fuck "Im not emo im like hardcore, havent you seen my tattoo"
by the badass January 24, 2008

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