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(v) to make out with
You would totally get on her if she wasn't retarded
by the awful truth May 17, 2008
A synonym for "ugly"; but usually is used as a milder word than "ugly"
Wow! Look at that supermodel; his package is hanging out of that horrendous strip-thong. That is uggy!
by the awful truth July 10, 2008
1. To hold your hand to your butthole, fart, and capture the smell in a fist. Then shove it in someone's face.

2. A princess from the book The Princess Bride.
1. The other night, when I had the most intensely horrid gas, I gave my sister a buttercup. The next morning a hearse was parked outside our house.

2.Boyfriend: "Printhess Buttercup ith thexy"
Girlfriend: "Thanks alot"
by the awful truth July 10, 2008
A famous country singer with breasts too large to even be considered real. A prime example of what teenagers call "fake people"
Stupid young person #1: "Look at Dolly Parton smile!! Isn't she just the most beautiful person you've ever seen?"
Stupid young person #2: "... Everytime?!?"
by the awful truth July 10, 2008
Tobacco wrapped into a stick. Contains 43-ish carcinogens, including tar and nicotine.
Crazy bum: "If America was the best country in the world they would ban cigarettes!!"

*walks down street*

by the awful truth July 10, 2008

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