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A really cool fan club for AFI. When you join you get a crapload of cool AFI shit. The members-only website is really lacking though.
wow on 30 bucks! im in!
well besides everyone in the band being hot, lets actually talk about the band. Their first album "Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" was awesome unfiltered hardcore. Their second album, "The Curse"(which i downloaded) which comes out June 29 is also good, with a more professional, polished sound, in wich the change is pretty obvious in the drummer's voice, which is similar yet different. The song "Bleeding Mascara" is awesome. This band is going to be the Forefront of the hardcore movement, but i hope they never become popular.
"I HOPE YOU CHOKE!"-from bleeding mascara
A really shitty american electronics company. I bought a memorex MP3 player and it didnt turn on at all with fresh batteries, and it wasnt on lock. I returned and got another one. the second one didnt work-the sound didnt come through correctly. I tried with my sony headphones and the headphones included with the unit. even when they were all the way in, the headphones needed to be held down while listening so the sound would come through. I returned it and got my $140 back. Where i bought it (Target) must've realized it was shitty too, because it was on sale for $119. Coclusion:Memorex is shitty, buy sony.
Is it poor quality or is it memorex?
A good symphonic metal band that is neither death nor black metal. They are great, and these faggots are scared because of all the bands in the extreme metal genre, cradle of filth is the most popular. Although popular in thir own field, many people have no idea who they are and the only airtime ive ever seen them get was on Uranium(fuse). They are good and as close to black/death metal as you can get. Another people tend to turn away from them is their attitude. They make fun of themselves, referring to the collection "lovecraft and witchhearts" a compilation of "musical excriments". They, although look satanic are not. They dont go around sacrificing things in the name of Satan or things of that sort. But thats what people want who are into this kind of msic style. Cradle of filth have ctaegorized themselves as "black metal for bastards". Overall a great band, and has almost no commercial popularity, so dont worry-indulge in good, wholesome CoF!
Cradle of Filth is almost done recording nymphetamine!
A gimmicky nu-metal band fomrmed by nine no-talent fucks in Iowa. They have the shitiest costumes(compared to GWAR and mushroomhead). Their masks are supposedly an "extension of their personalities", but i dunno how a mask with bandages has to do with personalities( im sure all of them claim they have pain locked up inside). People who listen to them think they are the hardest mofos in the universe.
Why dont you listen to satyricon or norma jean?
A kickass band that released one CD in 2001 on Nitro Records. This band was merely a side project with Davey Havok(AFI) as vocalist, Guitarist Todd Youth(Agnostic Front), Bassist Steve Zing(Chyna), and London May(Dag Nasty) on drums. Their one and only CD, songs from the earth is a must have for all AFI fans.
go buy now.
Hey, wow, thats sad that you clicked my name and checked out my defintion. People dont normally want the definition for'my car in need for speed underground'. but, because your a lonely asshole, you feel the need to bag on a defintion i made months ago at 3:00 A.M. But if it raises your confidence, by all means, feel free! Now i think you need to go buy a dinner for one at your local grocer, then jack off to good charlotte and linkin park.
but thank you for your time, assflap!

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