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Someone who avoids the social media website twitter at all costs
Reasons for being anti twitter:

1. You are busy enough with actual work. When not working, while at work, you have enough to do with email, myspace, facebook, linkedin, youtube, blogging, and porn.

2. You enjoy real interaction with real people- The old fashioned way, in chatrooms and forums (or in person)

3. You signed up for twitter to see what all the hooplah was about, and just didnt get it

4. You were one of the first people on myspace, and everyone made fun of you. And now you are the only one over 30 on myspace, and people think you are a creepy weirdo. So now you shun new social media technology

5. You joined twitter and no one wanted to follow your tweets and they were really friggin good.
by the anti twitter June 28, 2010
The process by which you battle someone or group of friends by rattling off(via email, instant message, or verbally) funny youtube videos. A winner is decided after the most hilarious video is presented and a unanimous winner is chosen, or a challenger backs down.
My friends and I had a youtube off via email. Someone started by linking to the video "David at the Dentist", and I countered with "Everyday Normal Guy". In the end I won by linking to the "The 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship" which is by far the best youtube video ever.
by the anti twitter February 25, 2010
A reference to the size of the male weener when it is extremely flaccid, and somewhat exposed. Most often accompanied by tighy whities, a t-shirt, spandex, a wetsuit or similar.
When my friend got out of the lake in a wetsuit, it was as though someone had placed a short stack of nickels in the area where his his genetalia should be. Everyone was made aware of this, and laughed histerically.
by the anti twitter June 28, 2010
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