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a massive robot desined for nothingmore than to suck all the dicks of the world.
by The Anarchist June 11, 2003
An Internet Service Provider that most think is not good. There are many definitions on this website that negatively reflect it. It is alright for the users who are very computer illiterate but for the rest, it is horrible. There is a lawyer apparently representing AOL that is going to sue urban dictionary for all the "hateful" statements. I have put what they have said in the example.
A user said this is hateful: "I am a lawyer representing the company which this individual has said untruthful statements against. I am recommending you remove all anti-AOL, as a matter of fact all AOL, America Online, or any other names people come up with or within 14 days I will be placing a lawsuit against this website for closure due to slander against the AOL company. AOL did not request this, they had enough employees..."

see also. AOHell, aol
by the anarchist November 12, 2004
a cafe where its you smoke cannabis.
Hey, we're all going to go down to the cannabistro, eh? Wanna come?
by the anarchist June 17, 2004
an amazing guitarist in an amazing band, Dimmu Borgir. His mad skills for guitar totally rock. He's also very sexy.
Silenoz=great guitarist
Shagrath=great vocalist
Silenoz= sexy
by the anarchist June 09, 2004
an expression used to confuse someone who skipped school and wanted to know what they missed
sample conversation

"What did I miss at school today?"



"You skipped school, you wouldn't understand"
by the anarchist June 03, 2004
Lilo. Jennifer's dog. A dog that is afraid of cock's and is a female. Also see Gay Dog.
by The Anarchist June 11, 2003
a greeting word. can have more 0s added.
Loser- What?
Me- d00m
Loser- oh!hi!
by the anarchist June 17, 2004

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