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Alternative is not a label which you can give to one 'group' of people. alternatives are non conformists who have no social group. you cant recognise an alternative person by what they wear or look like, so dont try to. they dont all wear the same clothes (like moshers, chavs, goths, indies or any other group of people who try to be individual but all seem to like the same stuff, wear the same clothes and only listen to music which their friends like). alternative people enjoy listening to whatever the hell they like, because they dont just like one type of music, they may just enjoy music on a whole, or it may just depend what kind of a mood they are in to what kind of music they listen too at that time. although this term is based around mysic it also applys to clothes as i said above many groups try to all wear the same stuff in order to fit in, alternatives wear whatever they like, if its designer, and they like it, they will wear it. if its got the name of a band on, and they like it, they will wear it. if there is a song which is by slipnot, and they like it, they will listen to it. if there is a song, which is by eminem, they will listen too it.
stupid conformist kid 1: hey your wearing lacoste! your such a chav!

alternative kid: im wearing a lacoste shirt because i like the shirt, not the lable.

stupid conformist kid 2: ewwww your listening to nirvana! your such a mosher!

alternative kid: im listening to nirvana because i like this song, not because i want to fit in with your stupid groups.
by the alternative guy January 07, 2006

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