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The act of pooping after consuming a large amount of food that created a baby bump.
I just ate so much chipotle I will be attending the clinic in my bathroom for my second Food baby abortion today.
#pooping #shitting #crapping #covielloing #chipotleshit
by the abortionist June 25, 2012
You get Red Lube when you don't have any lube but you stick it in anyway and fuck your mate so hard that your mate starts to bleed, giving you Red Lube.
Man:"Hey you got any lube?"
Woman:"No, we dont even have a condom!"
Man:"Okay, I guess we'll have to make some Red Lube."
Woman:"What?! GTFO."
#redlube #bloodlube #lube #lubrication #makeshift lube
by The Abortionist July 12, 2011
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