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The first Wednesday of the month. To celebrate, one wears clothing depicting pineapples, eats pineapples, drinks pineapple juice, sings/dances to the Pineapple Wednesday song, and does anything she/he can think of that relates to pineapples.
Pineapple Wednesday;
It is my favourite day
Of the month!
by the Pollylu July 08, 2004
One who adores and idolizes William Shatner. Usually a female Trekkie who fantasizes about being one of the hot alien chicks Captain Kirk makes out with.
Listening to the original series Star Trek theme song and admiring her many Captain Kirk action figures, she proudly wrote on the wall in big letters: "I am a Shatnerd." And she was.
by the Pollylu July 08, 2004
The city of Burlington (specifically Burlington, Ontario, Canada).
"Oi, there's a show in the Burly this Friday."
by the Pollylu July 08, 2004
Data's "daughter"/creation in episode #164 ("The Offspring") of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was an android neurologically modelled after Data, but for some reason she could experience emotion. This overloaded her neural circuits and ultimately destroyed her.
Like a child, Lal wondered, "Why is the sky black?"
by the Pollylu July 08, 2004
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