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3 definitions by the PFI

the Seven P's :- Proper planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance

there'll be no fuck ups as long as you folow the Seven P's
by The PFI December 06, 2008
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the desire of hockey players to fuck female figure skaters...
i could barely keep my cup on that fine assed bitch gave me Sequinlust when she bent over
by the PFI December 06, 2008
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Sunday Night Drinker;
to piss poor to go out to the club on a friday or saturday, causually worked around by saying they have to work, a hibitual SND usually sked a duvet day on a monday or just rollin in after 10
common amognst bartenders and students service workers
you know your a SND'eer when you still at the club at 4 on a monday morning
by The PFI December 06, 2008
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