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2 definitions by the Oceanborn

A female gamer, specifically a single chick, but sometimes (and most often) the girlfriend of a gamer. Not to be confused with a Frag-Troll, which is a gamer-chick who is "forced" to play a game.

The Envy and object of hatred from Frag-trolls.
Man, you just got roflstomped by my Frag-doll girlfriend!

Was that a chick!? Dude, totall Frag-doll...
by the Oceanborn March 25, 2009
A female gamer who is forced to play video games by her boyfriend or peers. Usually very poor at video games, and resents other gamers; namely Frag-dolls.
Man, that was either a horrible 12 year old, or a Frag-troll...

C'mon, babe, don't be a Frag-troll. One game on XBL?
by the Oceanborn March 25, 2009