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getting ur ass super owned, or super owning ppl
Knifing in a first person shooter is uber ownage
by the Nad April 11, 2005
A glowing set of Tits and a Vagina. thats seems to attract all people to constantly stare.
All I see on TV is tits trying to sell me shit I don't need.
by the NAD April 25, 2005
dramatic for fool. Just something i use on aim to make things dramatic
Dude, you shot me in the ass u FOO'EL
by the Nad April 08, 2005
Fucking awsome, from So. Cal Surfers cuz we're to zen to cus.
WOW! Those waves are fawsome!
by the Nad March 13, 2005
(AAF)Alien Ant Farm. Punk rock band, they did a cover of smoothe criminal
No one listens to Alien Ant Farm
by The NAD December 08, 2004
Eat, or chew. came from a paully shoore movie. i think cuz ur teeth are bones and when u chew they go down throgh the food
Im gonna bone down on some grindage!
by the Nad April 08, 2005
The best 24 oz. drink you can get for 99 cents. They come in kiwi strawberry, mucho mango, watermwlon, unsweetened tea, fruit punch, rasberry, and sweetened tea. i think thats it. well all that comes in a can anyway.
I usually drink the iced tea with the sugar.
by The NAD May 25, 2005
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