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newfoundland slang:
1)a current happening, an event taking place (an alternative to 'what up, yo?')
2)a sexual engagement
1)"what's on the go, by's?"
2)"Did you get on the go with her last night?" "no.."
by the Matt-Ray July 19, 2005
1) weed, pot, marijuana, the goods
2) something good, pleasent or just really nice
1)"Hey Dude, do you want to smoke some shnazzz?"
2)"Hey Dude, check out this huge fatty I just rolled" "shnazzz..."
1)+ 2)"shnazzz, this is some high quality shnazzz"
by the Matt-Ray July 19, 2005
Hardcore emo is when your girlfriend hasn't called, so you dye your hair black put on your thick black framed glasses curl up into a ball in your bathtub and cry yourself to sleep.
"Donny went hardcore emo last night when his girlfriend didn't call and now he wont stop listening to whiny metal-influenced cheese music"
by the Matt-Ray July 19, 2005
Rock And Roll baby! there is no resting or relaxing when your swimming in the sleaze of rock'n with your cock out!
"sex, drugs, and R&R"
by the Matt-Ray July 19, 2005
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