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The bad-ass-est archeologist ever! He found the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, and one of the lost shankara stones. His dad is a bearded goat with bad enunciation, but for some reason women like him. I guess they think he is cute like one of those troll dolls, not the ones with the jewel in the belly but the ones that people put on their lawns. some people call them lawn gnomes, but we know better. Indie has a whip and a gun, but sometimes he loses the gun so he has to run away. He has no scruples about bringing a gun to a sword fight. His best friend is this guy who lives in egypt and i think his name is Marsala. He had a monkey for a while, and a pet asian kid named Short n' Round, but I will not tell you what he did with him. Basically he ran around the world fighting the nazis and the pagans and stealing national treasures and heirlooms and stuff. Some king threatened to cut off his "misunderstandings" because he thought he was a grave robber or something. But I say, once something is in the ground it is fair game. Except corpses. Indie has about the same rules, though once he stole this asian guy's ancestor's remains. Then the guy poisoned him, so indie stole his woman. I think her name was charlie or something. Indie's full name is "Junior Indianna Jones," but his good friends call him Susan.

They named a genre of music after him, apparently, but I dont know anything about that.
Hey, Indie just shop lifted the poonany!

by the Mad Shatter April 28, 2005
female slang for: It is you.
after the bitch chased me down the street with a knife, i told her "it's not you, it's me"
by the Mad Shatter April 28, 2005
what one says while slapping someone in the nuts. probably comes from sports, where guys wear cups. used by losers that think it is funny. the ONLY proper responce is to beat the crap out of the person who did it, otherwise you are gay for letting him do it without retaliation. if you actually are gay, i don't know the proper responce.
Billy: "Cup check biatch!"
Johnny: beats the tar out of billy, then responds "how you like them apples?"
by the Mad Shatter April 29, 2005
A stinky redneck's penis. They often refer to their own junk as a pocket trout, which I think is wierd. I guess they think that there are women out there that actually like a stinky, dirty penis that has not been washed since it was stuck into various farm animals at the last barn dance.
hey baby, want to have a nibble at my pocket trout? no? well damn
by the Mad Shatter April 28, 2005
Bombastic: Grandiloquent, pompous speech or writing

Bastard: (Slang) A person, especially one who is held to be mean or disagreeable.

Those defs are from the dictionary, now combine them and you have a bombastard.

If you want to see an example, go to any law school and listen for someone in the lounge/ library/ class that is throwing random latin phrases, improperly, into his/her speech. A bombastard is quick to point out any percieved flaw in anyone else's ideas, and believes him/herself to be perfect. Argues with professor, claiming the professor's interpretation of the article, which THAT PROFESSOR wrote, is wrong. Arrogant, annoying, wastes time pontificating.
jim is such a bombastard, he annoys the fook out of me
by the Mad Shatter April 29, 2005
In Cantonese, a person with androgenous genetalia. Usually used as an insult, but is also traditionally used given as a middle name to children when they are born with the condition, as a warning to future sexual partners.
(Hot girl running out of the bedroom at a party) "OMG he dropped his pants and he was so Sen Wei!"
by the Mad Shatter April 26, 2005
When a jackass causes a catastrophe
Last night Stuart caused a jackastrophe! He got drunk and told Anna about how I stuck it in her sister's pooper, and it prevented me from getting a piece of her ass
by the Mad Shatter April 29, 2005
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