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The legendary part of a woman's anatomy that, when properly stimulated, drives her into uncontrollable fits of rage and loathing - otherwise known as an abhoregasm. The K-Spot is commonly found opposite the G-Spot. Random polls have shown that 97% of women experience abhoregasms when coming into contact with middle-aged electrical engineers. The K-Spot seems to have evolved as a nature's way to keep nerds from populated the earth.
Dick seems to be a natural at arousing Jane's K-Spot.
by The K-Spot April 14, 2010
n. The hard-to-reach musical note that, when sung properly by a gifted karaoke singer, sends all women within earshot into immediate orgasm. Similar to the Brown Note.
"Aw shit, what just happenned Sally?"
"I think the K-Spot just hit the K-Note, Lisa!"
"Well tell him to do it again!"
by the K-Spot May 07, 2010
v. The act of trashing someone's tent in a drunken fit of rage due to a sticky zipper
"What the fuck happened to my tent?!"
"Dude, looks like you got mendoza'ed. I hope you have bug spray."
by the K-Spot May 07, 2010
n. A popular karaoke singer known for his unbelievable vocal range and velvety timbre that women find irresistible, frequently spotted gracing mesmerized audiences with his gifted pipes in the Portland Oregon area
"Damn, Sally, that K-Spot is phunky phat!"
"Fashizzle on that, Lisa, I think he just sang my K-Note"
by the K-Spot May 07, 2010
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