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A term that every person has a different view on and that nobody can agree on. The basics of the term stay the same, a vehicle that is all show and no go. Body kits, stickers, neon, spoilers, etc. People often wrongfully use the term when someone does have a body kit and exterior mods but does also have the power to back it up. You need to look under the hood to acurately call someone a ricer. Some say that any car with an excessive wing would be a ricer. Well then what about a 1970 Plymouth Superbird from the factory, the wing on that was about 3 feet tall, is the owner of that muscle car a "ricer" because of the wing? The answer is no. It is possible to have a body kit, wheels and have a non-ricer car, it must be done with good taste and not overdone with useless stickers.
You are still a ricer with only an air intake and exhaust on your ride,
by The Judge May 08, 2003
The coolest, grooviest, most shroomtastic stoner on the net.
The northlondon hippy rocks
by The judge April 08, 2004
the answer to any question can be this word, it is derived from the word 'serious' and was created by the elite tripod.
"yo man your a loser"

"man this girl is fit"
by the Judge January 21, 2005
the slang version of the word 'serious'.
Was created by the tripod aka. the elite trio
"yo man u see that sexy cougar?"
by the Judge January 20, 2005
Also known as lester hayes number 37 for the oakland/la/oakland raiders . One of the best if not the best coners to play in the nfl.
cornerback dominating stickum
by the judge November 18, 2004

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