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1. Unbelievably superb.
There is no word powerful enough to describe your performance, so I am forced to make one up - "scrumptrulescent!"
by the Jazz March 02, 2004
1. One who is inside the Actor's Studio.
2. Will Ferril, sometimes.
1. Inside The Actor's Studio is hosted by James Lipton.
2. Will Ferril's impression of James Lipton was hilarious!
by the Jazz March 02, 2004
What gollum thinks hobbits are.
Filthy thieveses stole the precious!
by the Jazz March 03, 2004
Archaic plural form of "moose"; also, a card game loosely based on "Crazy Eights".
Steve and Mary played mooseiph'q until their inner ears became gangrenous, at which point they sang "Freebird" and passed out.
by the Jazz March 02, 2004
Something which is dumb and completely useless. See Group X.
NO, Group X did noth maike the End of World animate. NO it is not our voice. You can probablye telling this because it is NOT VAIRY GOOD, 100% idiot shait.
by the Jazz March 03, 2004
Will Ferrell, only misspelled when I referenced it in James Lipton. Sorry.
Dude, don't you mean Will Ferrell?
by the Jazz March 05, 2004
1. Vocoder-intensive song by Daft Punk.
2. Flash animation made to the aforementioned Daft Punk song, by evilzug.com.
I'm bored - let's watch Work It again! Oh glorious day!
by the Jazz March 02, 2004

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