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1. When someone is trying to say shitty and clitoris in the same sentence and slur the words together.

2. A feminine body part one does not want to be familiarized with.
1. I tried to make Nancy orgasm but it wasn't working. Its like she has a shlitoris or something. I mean a shitty clitoris.

2. The smell when she opened her legs was unbearable because of her shlitoris.
by the Ezmeister September 07, 2010
A sexual position in which the girl does a handstand and her back is supported by a row of lockers. The guy gets on top of the lockers and proceeds to fuck her in a downwards motion. Extremely difficult to execute, but the bragging rights are enormous if you can do it.
Ali did some mad physical education after school with Matt. Her arms weren't the only things that were sore the next day.
by the Ezmeister October 30, 2010

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