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Meat Head... a meat head is either; a person with a large head, a person who's head is shaped like a peice of meat,a person who always has the thought of meat on thier minds or even a comeback/remark on the shape of a persons head in a situation of which a comeback/remark is needed.
''Hey... dude look at that guys head. its all meat shaped and large''
''shut up sam, you've got a meat head so yeh.''
#meat #head #comeback #remark #shapes
by The Duke of Mexico May 03, 2009
illusion muscles can be one of two things. one: illusion muscles are when a weak person looking person who looks like he doesnt have any muscles tenses his muscles and his muscles noticeably buldge from his skin, and this person is also quite strong.

the other form of illusion muscles is when, a strong looking person, with big muscles tenses and there is no visible change to his muscle size, this person is also fairly weak.
person 1: dude check out that guys arms he must be strong
person 2: hes not that strong, he just has illusion muscles
#muscular #muscle #illusion #illusion muscles #optical
by the Duke of Mexico June 03, 2010
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